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Alpha Gx7 Pre-Workout Powder

Alpha Gx7 Pre-Workout Powder is a powerful pre-workout supplement that promises a huge energy boost in just minutes. Featuring 1500mg of citrulline and beta alanine it’s guaranteed to give an energy boost to get you through even the most intense workout.

This pre-workout supplement promises immediate drive, focus, strength, and energy that will allow you to work your absolute hardest. Taken about 30 minutes before a workout, the ingredients in Alpha Gx7 Pre-Workout Powder will help you push through the plateaus and give you enough energy to reach the end of a long workout. This supplement can provide increased intensity allowing for maximum results from the very first try.

Supplement with Watermelon Taaaaaste

The ingredients in Alpha Gx7 Pre-Workout Supplement are only the best, and those that have been proven to work. With a pleasant watermelon taste, this is an enjoyable supplement that won’t make you feel sick at the thought of taking it.


  • This pre-workout powder has a great taste, not too artificial or overpowering. It was easy to drink any time of day and wasn’t too sweet.
  • Can feel the effects after about 20 – 30 minutes so it’s easy to take on your way to the gym.
  • Has limited ingredients and none of the unnecessary stuff that can be found in other supplements.

Watermelon Taste Pre-Workout Supplement


  • After consuming this product, your body may tend to sweat more than average. While some people enjoy this, it may be an annoying adverse effect for others.
  • Alpha Gx7 doesn’t offer as much of an energy rush as other pre-workouts so it’s good for people wanting a supplement that isn’t too intense.
  • After mixing with water, it may need to be stirred a few more times to avoid clumps if you prefer to drink slowly.

Final Thoughts

Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout has one of the best flavors available for workout supplements, with a fruit punch taste to it that isn’t too overpowering. It works best for short high-intensity sessions but not for longer, extreme workouts, as the energy boost isn’t quite enough.

To get a bigger rush you may need to take a little more than the recommended serving of one scoop, but be cautious of the effects this could have. The major selling point to this supplement is the amazing flavour, resembling a mild fruit punch.

It’s easy to ingest and won’t make you feel sick, and the product stirs in well with your choice of liquid. If you’re planning on taking it a little slow, keep stirring or shaking your drink to prevent a build-up of powder.

Overall, Alpha Gx7 is a solid supplement choice for pre-workout, and will give you an added boost of energy to get through most moderate to high-intensity sessions.

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