Be Ready for Long Runs with Pre-Workout Supplements

Best Pre-Workout Supplement for Running

Pre-workout supplements are often thought of as the gym junkie’s best friend, but did you know that a quality supplement can also help to improve your strength and stamina with cardio? There are products available specifically targeted to runners or those who participate in intense cardio sessions, and a range of ingredients that can help improve your natural ability.

As running focuses on endurance, we sometimes need an edge to help us go the distance. Try not to focus on supplements that feature a lot of Caffeine, though, as this will only provide you with a short burst of energy.

Instead, focus on something that can fuel your body for long-term energy and endurance. These are some of the best pre-workout supplement for running and how each can benefit your next cardio session.

Rivalus Complx5

This product is completely safe to take for competition runners and doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients that might be banned by strict guidelines.

Running Pre-Workout Supplement by Rivalus

It has a few main components that aid in improving energy and increasing blood flow, which are crucial factors for those who partake in cardio. The main ingredients in Rivalus Complx5 are N-acetyl Tyrosine, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, and Red Ginseng.

Cytomax Sports Performance Drink

Cytomax Sports Performance Drink is a powdered supplement that you can take before an intense cardio session by mixing with water.

Running Pre-Workout Supplement from Cytomax

With only 35mg of Caffeine (the equivalent of a third of a cup of coffee), this won’t leave you feeling jittery or light headed. It’s a carbohydrate based supplement that features other vitamins and minerals to aid in metabolism, as well as a small BCAA component.

Infinite Endurance’s SBR

Another carbohydrate based supplement, Infinite’s SBR is also packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Endurance Pre-Workout Supplement

Where this differs, though, is its added Creatine matrix which will provide extra energy molecules in your muscles to help push you through high-intensity sessions.


Depending on the type of running or cardio you perform, there will be a different supplement to suit your needs. For something more long distance, try to stick to the carbohydrate-based supplements that are going to offer a longer lasting effect.

If you’re performing short sprints or high-intensity interval training, you might like to have a small amount of Caffeine or Creatine present in your pre-workout supplement. Again, be cautious of just how much you are ingesting.

Run Longer with Pre-Workout Supplements

While pre-workout is important to all concerned with health and fitness, you must be careful not to forget about post workout supplements and nutrition too. For runners, in particular, it’s important to fuel your body with protein to help repair the muscles and get you in shape for your next session.

With sufficient pre.and post workout supplements, you’ll be able to achieve more as a runner than you ever thought possible.

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