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Legion Athletics Pulse Workout Supplement

The main ingredients in Legion Athletics Pulse Workout Supplement are citrulline and theanine, which increase your nitric oxide production and push you harder to get through the tough workouts. With natural flavors and sweeteners, it doesn’t contain some of the nasty ingredients commonly found in pre-workout supplements.

Legion Athletics Pulse Workout Supplement is one of just a few that don’t contain creatine for a pre-workout, rather leaving this ingredient for post workout blends. This supplement is aimed at weight loss, so would suit those looking to increase the results from their workouts when looking to drop pounds.

All Natural Legion Pulse Powder

Targeted at both men and women of all fitness levels, this pre-workout supplement promises to not have any harsh chemicals within. The only stimulant found in Legion Athletics Pulse Workout Supplement is caffeine which will help give a needed boost of energy for endurance and increase your muscle strength.

Ingredients include caffeine, citrulline malate, ornithine, beta-alanine, betaine, theanine, and natural sweeteners and flavors. This product is also free from artificial food dyes and other chemicals.


  • Users of this supplement report no crash feeling after taking, with a gradual ease off of effects.
  • One of the only supplement manufacturers who are open and upfront about their ingredients in each product and with promises of no artificial sweeteners or chemicals.
  • Legion Athletics Pulse Workout Supplement gives you the right amount and type of energy to get you through a tough workout without having it go to your head.

Only Natural Ingredients


  • This pre-workout supplement has an unpleasant taste, likely because the brand doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners.
  • It is a little pricier than competitors, but users report only needing half the suggested dose at times making the product stretch further.
  • The product has been reported to clump together, but users report keeping it refrigerated to keep the clumps away.

Final Thoughts

Another one of the great natural alternatives to harsh pre-workout supplements, Legion Athletics Pulse powder provides a steady and sufficient boost of energy. This product works for all fitness levels, male or female, and is free from some of the nasty ingredients found in popular workout supplements.

Again, the flavour of this brand is quite unpleasant so be mindful of this before you drink it. The lack of artificial sweeteners in the Legion Athletics Pulse Workout Supplement probably have something to do with the taste, so try to remind yourself of the health benefits as you drink it. There are no other chemicals present in this supplement and no need to be cautious about a long list of unknown ingredients on the label.

There was no light headed or tingly feeling when taking this product, and it provided a very real and long lasting energy boost that went almost the entire day. With no jittery after effects or heavy crash to report, it stands out as one of the better brands of pre-workout supplements available.

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