Red Leaf Pre Workout Energizer

For a healthy energy boost packed with essential ingredients for maximum endurance, Red Leaf Pre Workout Energizer can deliver. With ingredients such as Branched Chain Amino Acids, AAKG, and L-Glutamine it not only fuels you through tough workouts but also aids in a smooth recovery.

This supplement is especially great for women as it includes Beta-Alanine which can reduce muscle fatigue and increase your endurance. Studies have shown that women have naturally occurring lower levels of muscle carnosine so it’s crucial they use a supplement such as this.

Red Leaf Inside

Some added natural benefits include cranberry and green tea, providing important antioxidants that improve health and increase energy. The raspberry ketones also help with weight loss, making this the ideal supplement for someone looking to shed some extra pounds.

This product combines both a pre-workout supplement with pre-workout nutrition to deliver your body everything it needs before a hardworking session.


  • This pre-workout has a great taste and is sweeter than most other products, making it very easy to ingest;
  • As a diet supplement as well, Red Leaf Pre Workout Energizer offers more than just a standard energy boosting supplement.
  • Has some great additional healthy components such as cranberries and green tea that give added antioxidants.

Cranberry and Green Tea


  • As with most pre-workouts that contain Beta-Alanine, this product left users with an itching and tingling feeling after use that put a lot of people off.
  • The container wasn’t as full as it should be and can be costly for the amount of powder you receive.
  • Gave great energy for the first few weeks but then needed more of the supplement to feel the same effects.

Final Thoughts

This pre-workout supplement provided both an energy boost and nutritional supplement all in the one product. With added ingredients such as green tea, it offers more than your standard supplement.

It’s great for getting through high-intensity sessions such as HIIT, or very intense cardio workouts. Due to its fat shredding components, it’s not ideal for those looking to build muscle but rather as a weight loss tool instead. It has an amazing taste with natural flavors, making it a standout from other unpleasant supplements.

Although Red Leaf Pre Workout Energizer packed a punch at first, eventually its effects started to waver a bit. This coupled with the fact that the container wasn’t as full as it should be caused it to score a bit more negatively than other brands.

Try to keep the product for those days when you need an energy boost rather than using it for every workout, this will help to increase its effectiveness and will also prolong the life of the powder.

Overall, it did its job in providing an energy boost that increased endurance and strength, but there are probably other similarly priced products on the market that can offer more. The natural elements are a great bonus, but not enough to make it a winner in the pre-workout supplement category.

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