Vintage Blast Pre-Workout Powder

Vintage Blast 2 Stage Pre Workout Supplement

One of the most standout products on the market, Vintage Blast 2 Stage Pre-Workout Supplement offers a natural and steady approach to gaining more energy. It’s specifically designed to be taken in two separate stages that promise to deliver strength, endurance, and energy for the entirety of a workout.

As a natural product, Vintage Blast 2 Stage Pre-Workout will not create a dependency in your body as other supplements can. When you become dependent on your supplements there’s often the need to take greater amounts each time just to get the same effect, however, this is not the case with Vintage Blast.

Pre-Workout Supplement

Not only does this supplement help with your pre-workout energy, but it also features key electrolytes and micronutrients that aid in your recovery, prevent muscle soreness, and reduce lactic acid build up.

Using only the best ingredients and no confusing “blends” that can be found in other supplements, you can sure you’re taking a product that’s good for your body. With a steadier approach to energy, Vintage Blast is one of the most reliable and effective pre-workout supplements available.


  • One of the longest lasting pre-workout supplements available, giving you energy that lasts well beyond a standard gym session.
  • Full of natural ingredients and even recommended for vegetarians.
  • As advertised, this product won’t create a dependency. Users have reported still using the same amount of powder months on from their initial taste with the same great results.

Only Natural Ingredients


  • Vintage Blast won’t give you an extreme rush like other brands, so if this is what you’re looking for then it might not be ideal.
  • The taste of this product is not very pleasant, so don’t expect something sweet and enjoyable. It may be a task to get through until you become used to it.
  • One of the most expensive pre-workout supplements available, Vintage Blast is not for those looking for a cheap product.

Final Thoughts

Vintage Blast 2 Stage Pre-Workout Supplement offers a natural approach to some of the harsher products available. If you’re looking for a steady supply of energy for your workout without the hardcore feeling, this is ideal for you.

One of the best points of this product is its ability to be taken on a daily basis without needing to increase your dosage. Thanks to the natural ingredients, you won’t become dependent on the product and develop a tolerance to it so it will continue to work effectively.

The flavour and price are the two main disadvantages here, so if these are important to you then look elsewhere. It’s priced quite high for a pre-workout supplement due to the fact it uses natural ingredients and has a two stage process. The flavour is not pleasant, however, many users of supplements have an ability to ignore the taste for a quality product.

Overall, if you’re after something a bit more organic feeling with a steady improvement in energy, Vintage Blast 2 Stage Pre Workout Supplement is the powder for you. It will give you an added boost for your workouts but not leave you feeling light headed and jittery the way some other products can.

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